1508-2008 Palladio 500 years anniversary celebration

2008 will mark the 500th anniversary of Andrea Palladio, arguably, considered the greatest architect of the western world. His masterful approach continues to revolutionize the course of architecture and design. In anticipation of this important anniversary, Giovanni Giaconi captures this inspiration and frames it for today in a variety of beautiful product applications that are strong yet romantic. He has developed and reinterpreted his art into a variety of tabletop items, decorative accessories, textiles, and stationary items in an effort to merchandise the allure and magnetism around Palladio as 2008 approaches. Moreover, in the spring of 2008, in collaboration with the New York City based ICA (Institute of Classical Architecture) a selection of Giaconi’s original watercolors will be shown in a group show traveling from New York to Richmond, (Virginia) Boston and Los Angeles. Giovanni is currently working on a new watercolors collection of all the Palaces and Churches of Andrea Palladio to be included in a new monograph.basilica_palladiana1.jpg Basilica Palladiana by Giovanni Giaconi 


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2 Responses to “1508-2008 Palladio 500 years anniversary celebration”

  1. Paul French Says:

    I’d like to know when – if it hasn’t happened already – does the Giaconi exhibit of Palladio watercolors come to the Boston area.


  2. giovanni Says:

    As soon as I have more information about the Boston show I will be happy to inform you, thank you

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